My new Easter boys!

Posted on April 16th, 2008 in by Cassi

I lucked out and found 2 new boys on Craigslist. Their litter was born on Easter, and these were the only 2 boys in the bunch. They’re soooo tiny and adorable! And they were handled since birth so they’re super friendly. They don’t mind being held and petted, and they poke their little heads out when they hear someone coming into the room. They’re fur is beautiful too. I honestly couldn’t tell you what colors they are, because they look so unique, and possibly because they’re still babies and have baby fur. Here are the pictures:

Hex - Can you tell I love his belly? :P

Baby Hex

Baby Hex Belly

Baby Hex Belly 2

Hue - Check out his little head spot!


Baby Hue in a Cup

I think they’ll be making a vet trip tomorrow to make sure everything is okay. Hue is a little sneezy. So today I changed the litter to Soft Sorbent from the Papurr. I think the scent from either the Papurr or the Timothy hay was making him sneeze. At least I hope that’s all it is…

Their cage came in last night too! I ended up getting the 141 because I couldn’t get the order changed in time :( Oh well. I can always add on with the 143 if I need to. I’ll have more pics of that when I set it up this weekend and move Pixel and Pica in.

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