One big happy rat family!

Posted on June 5th, 2008 in by Cassi

I cleaned the big boys’ cage yesterday really well with vinegar and decided it was time to see if the little boys could handle living in the big ferret nation. First I put them in to explore and to see if they could get out through the bars. They poked their noses out but it seemed like they were pretty secure and couldn’t fit through. After about 30 mins of letting them play I put the big boys in with them. They had been playing together for about an hour every day for a few weeks and doing fine (not one fight), and they still did fine in the cage with each other. I can already tell Hue is going to try to move to the top of the rattie ranks. He’s already dominant over Pixel, but still a little scared of Pica. He’ll run up to Pica and poke him with his nose then run away. It’s so cute! Here are pictures from earlier today, as you can see they messy up the cage pretty quickly (this is one day after cleaning).

Pics of the FN:

ferret nation

ferret nation

Pixel at the water bottle, check out that tongue! :D

pixel at water bottle

Pica being shy:

Pica the shy rat guy

Hex - one “normal” picture and one “zombie” picture… I imagine him saying “BRAAAIIIIINS….”

hex in the ferret nation

hex rat zombie

And finally, two shots of Hue being super cute. He’s so photogenic! His poor little ear is disfigured from the first time he met Pixel and got groomed too hard. Plus it was part my fault, I saw him getting groomed aggressively and pulled him away - unfortunately I pulled away when Pixel’s teeth were on his ear. :( But I don’t think it hurt him too much, and it’s actually kind cute.

hue in ferret nation

hue on the igloo